Top Five things to know about soy

枝豆 (edamame)

Edamame (Fresh boiled soy beans in the pod)

1. Soy has a long history as human food.

Asian people have been eating soy for centuries. They have been boiling it, mashing it, fermenting it, and ingesting considerable amounts of it. No, it will not give breasts to your adolescent boy. It will not devastate your sperm count. It will merely give you some high quality protein and some fiber in your diet.

2. A vegan diet doesn’t have to rely on soy.

To an outsider, a vegan diet seems like it would consist largely of salad and soy. But there are hundreds of beans, nuts and seeds to choose from. Soy is a good entry way food. Because it is a commodity crop for animal feed, it is a cheap ingredient, and there are many meat and dairy analogs made out of soy. And that’s a good thing. Think of them like a Nicorette patch for people wanting to quit meat.

3. Everyone has a soy-based diet

If you eat factory farm dairy and meat, you eat a lot of soy. Possibly tons of it per year. Chickens and cows are not naturally bean eaters, but the American corporate farms stuff chickens and cows full of as much soy as they can ingest because it gets them to market more quickly than just letting them run around in the grass. In addition, soy is a staple for chemically-based food — all that overprocessed stuff at Walmart and the gas station quickie mart. Trans fats, emulsifiers and filler ingredients are often made of soy.

4. If it’s not organic, you shouldn’t eat it.

Soy is one of the most likely foods to be genetically modified. Get the organic stuff, or none at all. That goes ten-fold for meat eaters.

5. Edamame is yummy

Soy’s most natural form is as a fresh bean in a pod. Unless you love Japanese cuisine, you probably haven’t eaten it this way, but it’s worth a trip to your local sushi bar to try a side dish of edamame. Suck the salt off the pod, pop the beans in your mouth and enjoy.

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  1. Jessica Says:

    I love your site! I’ve been an on again, off again vegan and I love your no bull writing style to kick me back on the wagon. :)

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