Vegan Stunt Doubles: Easy ways to cut animal consumption

Coconut Blueberry yogurt from Turtle Mountain

Coconut Blueberry yogurt from Turtle Mountain

1. So Delicious Coconut Yogurt

This stuff from Turtle Mountain is pretty new, so I’ve only tried it once. But it’s a good alternative to milk yogurt or for those looking for a change from soy yogurts. Of course, it includes a regular dose of healthy probiotics like acidophilus.

Coconut’s medium chain fatty acids are also in the news for their potential for boosting metabolism and losing weight.

2. Earth Balance spread

There are a lot of butter substitutes out there, but this is the one you want. It doesn’t taste exactly like butter, but it’s really close, and it has a similar melting temperature and texture, which means it bakes much like butter in recipes.

Full of unsaturated and omega-3 fats, Earth Balance spread has lots of good ingredients, and no bad ones.  With no downside, and lots of upside (carbon footprint, health, etc.), there’s no reason not to make the permanent switch.

3. Soy milk for your espresso drink

Coffee is already a beany beverage, so no objections to putting “bean juice” in your coffee, please. Modern soy milk like Silk, or Costco’s Kirkland brand is better for you than “cow juice,” with lower sugar, (yes, it’s true!) no cholesterol, and it creates excellent foam, even for a cappuccino or macchiato. To my palette, soy blends better with coffee, and depending where you shop, it can now be cheaper than organic cow milk, bringing its economic footprint more in line with its environmental footprint.

4. Unbleached sugar

White granulated sugar is white because it has been bleached with charcoal made from bones, usually cow bones. Instead, use raw sugar, unbleached sugar, or turbinado sugar. It has a bit of the “molasses” taste left, so it’s more interesting anyway, and won’t affect most recipes.

5. Veganaise

This is a straight-up replacement for mayonnaise. No downside here, either on texture or flavor. Works great in recipes, too. If you’re more of a Miracle Whip person, try Nayonaise which has a touch of spicy tang to it.

3 Responses to “Vegan Stunt Doubles: Easy ways to cut animal consumption”

  1. Nivekian Says:

    Yves makes some pretty good mock meats…

    And if you like ice cream sandwiches you have to try Tofutti Cuties…They also make a good mock sour cream. I have yet to try their other products…

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Nivekian. Good additions to the list. I have tried and liked both of them. I find Yves Stuff solid, if fairly bland. But their ingredients are really natural and healthy. Congrats to Tofutti for recently removing the trans-fats from both the Cuties and the sour cream, while keeping the great taste and texture.

  3. Vegan and Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Options | Instant Vegan Says:

    [...] flour in a saucepan on medium-low heat. 3. As the flour starts to brown, add 3 tablespoons of Earth Balance Margarine. 4. As the margarine melts, use a fork to thoroughly mix the flour into the margarine, [...]

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